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 Last Race of the Ministry of Economics Official - Illegal Drag Racing on Borispolskaya Highway. VIDEO

Businessmen and official of the Ministry of Economics Serhiy Chekashkin who died in a car accident is proved to take part in drag racing.

On the video you can see the start of two cars.

Previously the head of the Kiev Oblast Police press service saidthere are no reason to suspect that there was any racing.

On the video you can see a Ferrari and Chekashkin's Dodge Viper SRT10 warming their tyres. Chekashkin makes a false start and it isobvious that the driver is nervous. Then both cars peel away atincredible speeds. The accident cannot be seen on the video sinceit took plae about 1.5 km after the start.

The witnesses say that the racing first took place on Bazhanaavenue in Kiev and after the police came - on Borispolskayahighway.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v218652