Ukrainian Politics

 Yanukovych Saw Obama: Protocol Photos and Short Information Exchange

President Viktor Yanukovych informed his American colleague Barrack Obama of performing the obligations on nonproliferation of nuclear materials.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, he managed to tell this toObama during the photoshoot but the Presidential press service didnot specify this detail.

"There was a photoshoot procedure with President Obama and duringthis short meeting there was a brief information exchange,"Yanukovych told the press, reports Interfax.

According to the Ukrainian President, Barrack Obama asked about thesupply of equipment for the research lab that will work on lowenriched uranium in Kharkiv. "I told him the equipment is coming inaccording to the schedule."

In the brief period Yanukovych also managed to wish Obama good luckin the elections that will take place in November.

"I told him that we are preparing for elections, too, and wehope that they will be democratic," noted Yanukovych.

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