Ukrainian Politics

 The Party of Regions Calls Off Defamation Bill

The Party of Regions deputy Vitaliy Zhuravskyy decided to call off his Defamation Bill.

As we were informed by the Party's press service, the deputy registered a bill to reverse the Verkhovna Rada decision on passing the bill 'On Introducing amendments into the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes regarding the aggravation of responsibility for endeavors against honor and dignity of a person'. "Having weighted all circumstances and having the best interests of the state in mind, I decided to recall my bill. I understand that in view of upcoming elections any initiative will be taken with caution and mistrust," he said. The deputy hopes for the parliament's support in this matter.

Zhuravskyy stated that he remains in the same political positions and considers the aggravation of defamation punishment a relevant issue. "I decided to rid of this matter legally and not politically. I remain in the same political positions and believes: the society has been in need of the aggravation of punishment for endeavors against honor and dignity of a person for a long time," explained he. Zhuravskyy reminded that he recently took part in the meeting of interdepartamental working group 'Open Talk' where he had the opportunity to discuss his initiative with the representatives of mass media and journalist organizations.

"After the elections I am planning to organize a series of 'round tables' with journalists, human rights activists and scholars. After a wide range discussion and development of common view on the future bill I intend to put it to vote," concluded the politician.

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