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 Filaret: Russia Wants to Destroy Our Language in Order to Destroy Our Country

Ukrainians need to stand up in defense of their native language, starting from correct education of their children.

In an interview before the All-Ukrainian Forum 'In Defense ofUkrainian Language and Statehood' the Patriarch of Kyiv and AllRus-Ukraine Filaret said: "It is strange that in XXI century wehave to defend our native language." He also stated that everyUkrainian shall defend the language, thus defending Ukraine, itsindependence, and culture.

Elaborating on the 'defense' Filaret noted that firstly, Ukrainianshave to speak their mother tongue and raise their childrenaccordingly. Also the Patriarch added that education establishmentsneed to conduct education in Ukrainian.

The government in their turn should defend the Ukrainian language,said Patriarch Filaret. "Because if it does not defend theUkrainian language it should not be in Ukraine," he said. "Rusiawants to destroy our language. Why are they destroying it? Todestroy the state of Ukraine," said the Patriarch and added thatthe Ukrainian power for various reasons "gives ground" toRussia.

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