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 Korolevska's Party Has no Chances in Rada Elections. Even Shevchenko did not Help, Say Political Experts

Massive advertisement of the Ukraine Ahead! Party of Natalia Korolevska is a complete failure - the ratings of the political power have plummeted and the chances of mobilizing voters and gaining more than 5% are very slim.

According to political expert Serhiy Hayday, "Korolevska has no chances at all."

"First of all, they lost time. These projects have a chance if they are short. If you have an obscene amount of money as it is the case here, you depend on a large amount of advertisement but the time has to be precisely calculated. This project may work only on the part of voters who cannot figure out the real state of things, the finer points of politics, who simply react to mindless slogans, good-looking eyes, football players. People simply do not have time to figure out who is truly behind the project and a part of them can vote for it. But in case of Korolevska the electorate mostly managed to figure it out." said Hayday.

"And the most important thesis: for some reason the political consultants working on such projects think that the voters do not need any sense at all. Kind of like, show us a celebrity ot a football player and that will be enough. 'Ukraine Ahead!" can be 'Ukraine Left!' or 'Ukraine Right!'. It has no political sense at all. And in the end the people will not vote for it no matter how much money you spend on it. That is why they have no chance at all," concluded the expert.

Political expert Vadim Karasev says that even attracting footballer Andriy Shevchenko did not help Korolevska.

"Shevchenko could not help Korolevska. He is a football player, not a politician. If an average person who just started playing football would play for the national team what chance would he have? Zero. He would not be able to play. He would not last a minute. It is the same in big-time politics. You need to play and train for a long time to become a high profile politician. That is why it is absurd to think that an athlete can simply join the party and increase its ratings. If it was a famous party like the Regions it would not be important if they have Shevchenko or not. But Korolevska party could only be saved by a rating breakthrough. And the inclusion of inexperienced person who is also distant from politics could not yield any results. I consider Shevchenko a mistake of Korolevska's team. Time is lost, there are no new players who could be put on the pirch to provide a chance to win win this half," says Karasyov.

Yet another political expert Oleksiy Haran says: "Korolevska's party is initially a technology project. There was no doubt from the start that it was supported by Bankovaya (Presidential Administration). Attracting Shevchenko played more of a negative role than positive. Everything became clear right away. For those who keep track of political life, who are socially active, these decisions were obvious. The statements that Shevchenko is a ready made Minister for Sports and Stupka - Minister for Culture are ridiculous. The initial calculation was for Korolevska to pull away some votes from the opposition. But in the end the Party of Regions whose ratings are not that great either can see that her party is taking away the votes in its native regions. And the question arises: should they let Korolevska into the Parliament? Is it worth adding a couple of percent to her results?"

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