The Party of Regions Accuses US Senate of Corruption! "Big Money Spent on Senators Who Work for Tymoshenko"

The US Senate Resolution on Ukraine is an opinion of separate senators working for separate political powers in Ukraine.

In an interview to ICTV, the Party of Regions deputy Leonid Kozhar commented on the Resolution: "the document was passed late at night and after its consideration the majority of senators left the hall."

"The sponsor of the document senator Durbin may have violated the Senate rule," stated Kozhara.

"It has a lobbying character. Big money was paid for its advancement to the companies whose representatives I saw in the Committee premises," clarified he.

"Moreover, the Resolution's status is 'the sense of the Senate'. It has no influence over administration and the State Department, i.e. the executive branch and it is a separate opinion of separate senators who are regretfully working for separate political powers in Ukraine," he summed up.

The Resolution passed on Saturday was referred to as 'passed through a doubtful procedure' by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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