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 The Official Who Died in Drag Racing Used to Drive with Speeds Over 220 mph

Serhiy Chekashkin a.k.a. Serhiy Che Guevara wrote it in his last post on a racing forum.

Director of Financial Policy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Serhiy Chekashkin together with two other people died in a drag racing accident yesterday.

The deceased was an adrenaline junkie which he didn't mind mixing with alcohol. In his recent racing report he wrote: "Raced from 70-80 km/h and went up to 300. In the last race I floored it and got up to 220 mph. Then the view in the window blurred (years and alcohol do their work) and I decided to let go of the gas.

It is hard to say by how much I won. The witnesses say over 5 car lengths. I did not make a video since my hands were busy and I don't know if anyone from other cars taped it. The eyewitnesses say that after 250 km/h the gap stayed the same. There were no passengers. Nobody wanted to ride with me and the Porsche did not have a passenger seat. A night well spent."

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