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 Infamous Father Superior of Lavra Appeals to Yanukovych for Help in 'Restraining Crazy Journalists'. PHOTOS

Father Superior of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan Pavlo (Lebid) who is a Regions deputy in Kiev City Council has an incident with a woman journalist and after it appealed to the President of Ukraine asking him to restrain 'crazy journalists.'

"I address the President of Ukraine and the Speaker of Verkhovna Rada asking them to finally take some steps in regard to crazy journalists. I stress - crazy jouralists, not all. If we have disregard to the law we need to onstall order," Pavlo said in his address.

An incident took place today in the territory of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra near building 41/41. The incident involved the Father Superior and Correspondent's journalist Kseniya Karpenko who tried to obtain a comment from Pablo for her article about the financial life of the Church. The journalist accues the Metropolitan in unmannerly conduct: "he was answering rudely... then he started twisting my arms and took away my phone."

Metropolitan Pavlo has a different version: "during the service two journalists walked around the temple and asked about me and my assistant. Then they waited for me near the house. One of them took my pictures from a distance. Another filmed me on the phone camera and with a hidden camera. The journalist asked me: "Where does the Church get its money?". I told her that I am not authorized to discuss the matter with her. Then she jumped in my car. I tried to stop her and as a result she scratched my hands. Then she started fighting so I had to call the police. And after the incident she had the audacity to address me with "Where is your humbleness?"

You can see the photos of the incident below.

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