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 Klitschko's Party Will Take Third Place in Elections, Experts

The ratings of Klitschko's party Strike have been slowly but surely growing and, according to the latest data, constitute 12% which shall ensure the third place in the upcoming elections.

Despite the fact, many sociologists and politicians started to forecast silver for the politican-athlete's party, reports ukrnews24.com.

Andriy Zolotarev, a political expert, explains the loss of votes by the United opposition: "The election campaign of Batkivschyna is not the most efficient one from the point of view of strategy, campaigning and technology". Tymoshenko's absence is fatal for the opposition and that is why the votes are converted in favor of Klitschko's Strike. "There is a tendency of growth," affirms another expert Volodymyr Fesenko. "It creates problems for the United opposition.The competition is growing in the Western Ukraine. In some election districts in Lviv their ratings are practically the same."

However, despite the good forecasts, all experts agree that he will take the third place. "He can show a pretty good result but it is going to be a third place," says political analyst Oleksiy Haran. According to him, Klitschko has certain risks: Substantial part of his voters are young people and they usually show very low turn out. Plus, Klitschko is not ready for TV debates, public speeches, answers to specific political question. It is obvious that the Strike will substitute him for more experienced speakers from the list - Nalyvaychenko, Pynzenyk. But the leader shall also be ready."

The opinion is also confirmed by sociologists Oleksandr Bukhalov and Mykolay Churilov. "Klitschko has a confident third position but he reached his limit," said Churilov, "Polling of focus groups that we conducted showed that he is respected as a person, as a patriot but underappreciated as a politican. And this will keep him and his team from overtaking the United opposition."

According to the latest Sotsys poll, the Strike takes 12.7% and Batkivschyna 17.2%. Experts assure that Klitschko's party will not manage to take silver in the political ring.

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