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 The Regions Introduce Bill to Make Russian Second Official Language

The new bill is proposed to defend the languauge rights of Russian and Russian speaking popultaion in Ukraine.

The bill "On Introducing Amendments in the Law of Ukraine 'On the Basics of the State Language Policy" was registered by Party of Regions deputy Oleksandr Chernomorov.

UNIAN reports that in the explanation note the author stated that the main goal is specification of principles of the state language policy regarding the provision of the constitutional right of Russian and Russian speaking people for unrestricted use of their native language and the language of their daily use - Russian which is the language of the native people, language of crossnational and international communication and the language used if not by majority then at least a half of the state's population.

The bill provides that the state of Ukraine will ensure the right of its citizens for unrestricted use of the Russian language as a native language of the people of Ukraine, language of crossnational and international communication and un the places of cimpact residence of people whose native language is Russian 0 the functioning of it on the equal level as the official language.

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