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 French President Told Yanukovych Off in His Greeting

Diplomats are calling the first contact of French and Ukrainian Presidents "unprecedented in their experience" - it is not just another criticism but a warning on freezing the relations until changes are made.

On the Independence Day French President Francois Hollande senta greeting to Yanukovych. According to diplomats this greeting isunprecedented in their experience. Because in reality Hollande hasnot just criticized Yanukovych's policies once again but warned offreezing the relations until changes are made.

It should be takeninto account that this is a celebration greeting and moreover - thefirst contact between the newly elected French President andYanukovych.

"Dear Mr.President! Please accept my greetings in regard to your nationalholiday and my wishes of prosperity to Ukrainianpeople.

On the day of yournational holiday I wish for Ukraine to return to the path ofreforms and enforcing the human rights observation as soon aspossible which would allow your country to achieve sufficientprogress from which it is further than it was a yearago.

In order to make surethat the upcoming parliamentary elections in October are trulydemocratic there is a necessity - now more than ever - to ceasetreating opposition the way it happens now.

Rapprochement ofUkraine and EU is especially related to general values of democracyand constitutional state which is the basis for EU policy ofpartnership with its Eastern neighbors.

I hope that traditional relations of trust and friendship thatunite our countries will soon be reinstated.

With assurances of my deepest respect,

Francois Hollande."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostyantyn Hryschenko refused tocomment on the French President's greeting.

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