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 Opponents of the Head of Customs' Relatives Withdraw from Elections

Oleksiy Poroshenko has withdrawn from elections due to his health.

The Ukrainian Pravda reports the withdrawal citing his son Petro.

"This campaign is not that simple and that is why Poroshenko family decided that Oleksiy Ivanovych Poroshenko ceases his participation in the campaign," said Petro Poroshenko.

He noted that his family will continue helping the district.

"My father will be with you, he will protect your interests as a deputy of Vinnitsa oblast council and I will do everything I can to make your interests heard and supported at the legislation level," said Poroshenko.

Proshenko Senior was running in the 16th district. His main opponent was Oksana Kaletnik - niece of the Regions deputy Hryhoriy Kaletnik and a cousin of the head of the State Customs Service Ihor Kaletnik.

Last week Ukraine Voters Committee stated that Kaletnik is using so-called pyramids for buying votes.

Two weeks ago one of the Poroshenko headquarters managers received threats and was told to stop working for his candidate.

Thursday, the Central Election Commission cancelled the registration of candidate Ruslan Demchak in district 18 (Vinnitsa oblast). Demchak was the main competitor of Hryhoriy Kaletnik.

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