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 Inter and the First National TV Channels Are Working for Klitschko's Party, Sociologists

Several Ukrainian TV channels and websites published dubious poll results that show two parties in the lead - the Party of Regions and Klitschko's Strike.

In an interview to Tyzhden.ua Director ofDemocratic Initiatives Fund Iryna Bekeshkina stated that Inter andthe First National TV Channels plus several websites have publishedthe polling results of the Institute of Ukrainian RegionalDevelopment Research.

"This Institute does exist but it is doubtful if it ever conductedany polls. Its website does not provide any information about it.The last information on the website appeared in Fall of 2009,"noted Bekeshkina.

Moreover, according to her this information was presented byVolodymyr Zemlyakov who is not introduced as the company'srepresentative. "He was introduced as the head of sociologyprojects which have never existed. That is, he has nothing to dowith sociology," added she.

Meanwhile, the Institute is mentioned as a place of work of #65on Klitschko's election list Ivan Nadein. And Zemlyakov is Nadein'ssubordinate in Ukrainian Association of Alternative Hard FuelProducers," said the expert.

"It is interesting that the results of this poll differ from othersin placing Klitschko's party in the second place. This is a way ofimposing an idea to vote for a new force."

"Notice the fact that the information went n the air of Interand the First National channels. Pinchuk's channels (oligarch whoowns 4 TV channels) have not run the story. It was shown whereShuvalov is a consultant (political strategist Shuvalov oftencalled the father of black PR on Ukrainian TV in 2003-2004)." saidBekeshkina.

"I am not sure that it is Nadein. Possibly it is not him." sheadded.

On September 18, the Institute of Ukrainian Regional DevelopmentResearch held a press conference that showed the followingresults:

Party of Regions - 23.8%

Strike - 15.7%

Btkivschyna United Opposition 14.6%

Communist Party - 9.5%

Ukraine Ahead! - 6.5%

Undecided - 19%

Other political powers do not pass the 5% limit.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n218028