Azarov's Minister: Ukraine Will Not Avoid International Isolation. Ordinary Ukrainians Will Suffer

The resolution of the US Senate is a very serious signal.

The Minister of Emergencies Viktor Baloga wrote on his Facebookpage that if the resolution is implemented as proposed Ukraine willnot avoid international isolation. "This document may become asignal to other civilized countries who may follow suit andprohibit certain officials from entering the country," noted theminister.

"You know that I was never a supporter of Tymoshenko andLutsenko but the decision on their incarceration and how it wasdone are unacceptable in a democratic society," stressedBaloga.

"I am afraid that the document will isolate not only theauthorities but also 45 million Ukrainian who have nothing to dowith Tymoshenko's incarceration. I mean regular people who travel,visit conferences, go on vacation, study abroad. The officials willhave places to go. They will still have Russia, and that is 1/6 ofthe land, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and very close there is Belarus. Atthe very least there will be Albania but that is not a fact," wrotethe minister.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n218003