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 Human Rights Activists Report Tortures in Colony and Ask For Resignation of the Head Prison-Keeper. AUDIO

Vinnitsa Human Rights Watch Group demands an inspection regarding the information about tortures in Dnepropetrovsk correctional colony # 89.

Radio Liberty reports that the organization obtained information about abuse of prisoners in an illegal interview with Ruslan Dovgyy who is a prisoner in colony #89. The convict informed them that after he announced a hunger strike he was beat up by other convicts, probably upon the instructions of the colony administration. "Subsequently the administration refused to provide the beat up convict medical help despite the fact that he has symptoms pertinent to head injuries," stated the organization.

Human rights activists also note that Ukraine has no mechanism for the prevention of torture. Vinnitsa Human Rights Watch Group called on the administration of the State Penetentiary Service to immediately check the torture claims and asked the ombudsman Viktoriya Lutkivska to join the investigation.

"We are forced to call on President Viktor Yanukovych to make a decision regarding the resignation of the head of the State Penetentiary Service Oleksandr Lysytskyy since he is not able or is not willing to ensure the observation of human rights in the penitentiary institutions", says the statement.

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