Cabinet of Ministers Thinks You Can Live on 1,097 Hryvnias a Month

The Ministry of Social Policy calculated the minimal subsistence level in August prices. It constituted 1,097 hryvnias per person a month (125 USD).

According to the press release, the minimum subsistence level constituted: for children under 6 years of age - 1,027 UAH, children from 6 to 18 - 1,308 UAH, for able-bodied persons - 1,164 UAH, and for non able-bodied - 868 UAH.

According to this year's budget the subsistence level from July 1 constitutes 1,044 UAH. In Octobet it will be raised by 16 UAH and by the end of the year it will constitute 1,095 UAH. It is worth noting that the minimal salary in Ukraine is 1,202 UAH, minimal pension is 844 UAH. The average salary in Ukraine is 3,151 UAH.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n217959