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 Yanukovych is Ready to Pay Russia $400 Million to Keep Tymoshenko in Prison for 12 Years, Vlasenko

A judge could not rule against the state. Especially when we talk about 400 million dollars.

Tymoshenko's defense attorney Vlasenko commented on the Kiev Economic Court's decision for Ukraine to pay over 3 billion UAH of EESU (gas intermediary company affiliated with Tymoshenko) debt to Russia.

In an interview to Gazeta.uahe said: "Ukraine has no independent courts or independent judges. In the country where the courts are afraid to rule (in accordance with the law) against village councils, suddenly there is a judge who got into the state budget, took 400 million dollars without any grounds. I don't believe in that," said the attorney.

"Inter-state relations, including the matters of inter-state guarantees are not the subject of consideration by an economic court," stated Vlasenko. "These are not economic legal relations. This is the same if the judge started a hearing of a criminal case. It is not his jurisdiction. And I would like to emphasize that no guarantees were ever given for EESU obligations. It means only one thing - Yanukovych is ready to pay 400 million dollars of taxpayers money to charge Tymoshenko with a new crime and put her away for another 12 years. But this is not surrealism or cynicism - this is something not out of this world."

That is why Vlasenko thinks that judge Ivchenko who ruled on the case has recieved a clear order from up top.

"Can you imagine a judge in Ukraine that would without any grounds rule against the state and pull out 400 million bucks from the budget? And suddenly this hero appears - it looks ridiculous," stressed the politician.

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