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 Every Fourth Candidate in Klitschko's Party is a Millionaire

In the first hundred in the list one fourth of the candidates have a sum with six zeroes in it. And that is without real estate.

Journalist Oleksandr Chalenko wrote in his blog:

"I decided to look through the first hundred of the Strike's (Klitschko's party) political elite in the context of tax declarations filed to the Central Election Commission by the candidates. I am publishing the first part of this exciting analysis. Every fourth person in Klitchko's first hundred is a millionaire! 23 millionaires have passed the 'rough selection' in the party. In the first hundred of the party every fourth candidates has a sum with six zeroes in it. And that is without real estate. Theoretically every second deputy from Klitschko will be a millionaire since the majority of them are at the top of the list (the part that will go to parliament). According to political experts Klitschko will probably have a fraction of 26-28 people and 12 of them will have a total wealth of 154 million hryvnias (19 million USD).

However, only four of them are dollar millionaires. But in 5 years of parliamentary work, serving the people they will no doubt change this injustice. And the others will also reach the that magic number. But that will be in the course of them loving their constituents.

In the picture: Pavlo Ryabkin decided to make the Ukrainian people once again. He worked in two previous parliaments. This civil servant from the Strike owns three large apartments, seven garages and seven non-residential premises with 500-600 square meters each. The media calls him a genius of shady scams." wrote Chalenko.

It should be noted that Klitschko himself declared 82.3 million hryvnias of income (just a little over 10 million USD)

The young ones do not get into parliament. Klitschko said that he is taking a young team to Rada are just words. Out of 24 candidates younger than 27 none get into the parliament. There are also 29 people on the list who are temporarily not employed. And there are 9 people without a higher education which means they cannot take a government job. We should carefully watch their diplomas." concluded Chalenko.

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