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 Stamps of 49 Parties out of 87 are Stored in the Same Office, Says the Voters Committee

There will be chaos during the drawing on district election commission.

In an interview to Gazeta.ua, the head of the Ukrainian Voters Committee (UVC) Oleksandr Chernenko underlined that the problem in forming the district commissions still exists. It became relevant in forming the district commission but now the situation has changed.

"Right now the situation regarding the drawing technology in district commission is better. The drawing will be overall, it will not be separate for every commission. It will take place after plurality candidates or parties have filed the lists of people to the commissions: in each commission somebody filed first and received the number one, to other commission the same party filed third and got number three. It is a very complicated technology," he explained.

"District commission will also have technical parties (fronts). The parties that have proposed even one candidate in one of the districts have the right to file their representatives in every commission all over Ukraine and they already did so. And thee is a big chance that they are getting into the commission again," noted Chernenko.

The head of UVC emphasized that if the party received a quote it changes these people in the commission right away.

"There is off the record information that out of 87 parties that have the right to file their people to commissions 49 party stamps are kept in the same office," told Chernenko.

"Right now the plurality candidates can also file their representatives to every commission. Accordingly it is 87 parties plus plurality candidates," clarified he.

"It is clear that everyone will file but theoretically it can be 100 members filed for 21 necessary positions. That is why we expect a great confusion in the drawing," concluded the head of UVC.

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