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 Poroshenko: In Case of Unfair Elections Ukraine is Guaranteed to be Isolated

The Minister of Economic Development and Trading Petro Poroshenko stated that Ukraine is guaranteed international isolation if it does not hold fair elections.

According to LigaBusinessInform, Poroshenko said, "The first danger of elections - if Ukraine does not demonstrate fair and free expression of people's will without any falsifications it will have not just a chance but guaranteed international isolation. Nobody needs such Ukraine - not its own people, not Europe, not Russia, none of our potential allies. Because nobody will shake its hand," said the Minister in a TV interview.

He noted that the key task for the power, state, opposition, and civil society is to ensure a fair election process.

"The second danger - before the elections politicians always lie. They promise things they are not even planning to do. I don't know anybody who could resist the temptation. Just today the proposed budget was returned by Verkhovna Rada for revision with a statement that the expenses need to be increased to perform some obligations. The economy cannot handle this increase," said Poroshenko.

Talking about whose instructions to increase he is talking about he said "Everybody's. Today everyone with no exceptions learned to give instructions. But there is nobody to carry them out."

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