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 If Shcherban Was Still Alive, There Would Be No Akhmetov or Yanukovych, Says Soskin

Director of the Society Transformation Institute Oleh Soskin talks about Melnychenko tapes and Shcherban assassination.

"He does not have these recordings (tapes proving Tymoshenko's involvement in the assassination) because Shcherban's murder took place in 1996. And as I recall, Mykola Melnychenko was far from being in that system at that point. That's why he simply cannot have any recordings," said Soskin to a Censor.NET correspondent.

"The point is that... The murders of Yevhen Shcherban, Ahat Brahin and a whole group of businessmen in Donbass were a part of massive cleansing. And obviously Tymoshenko could not do that. She did not even have the ability or the resources," noted the expert. "As to Pavlo Lazarenko, we should start from the question who was the undisputed master in the country. It was Kuchma. Nobody could breathe without Kuchma. He controlled everything and everyone. There was no Akhmetov or Yanukovych then. Well, there were such small-timers. But they did not play any serious role. In this field Kuchma was the big fish. And he determined who will live and who will die. That is why if we want to find out the truth, firstly we have to question Kuchma and the people who were close to him at the time. We are talking about Lytvyn, Kushnarev who was murdered, Beloblotskiy who headed Kuchma's administration, Kravchenko who was also murdered, Derkach then the head of the SBU, definitely, question Marchuk, to the full extent as a person who possesses great volume of information for that time."

"Both Yanukovych and Akhmetov are a part of that system, that space built by Kuchma. Yanukovych is Kuchma's product. And it is absolutely natural that Kuchma knows everything about Yanukovych, his criminal past and present. We should ask Kuchma if Akhmetov recommended to appoint Yanukovych. And then many things will become clear: who benefited from Shcherban and Brahin assassinations and from destroying that group of businessmen. If Brahin and Shcherban were alive right now there would be no Akhmetov or Yanukovych," stated Soskin. "And where are Lazarenko and Tymoshenko now? One is in American prison and other - in Ukrainian. So when we want to determine whose interest was it to take out Shcherban and others we have to understand that it was Kuchma. And whose interest was to eliminate Lazarenko and Tymoshenko? In 1996 they were Kuchma's enemies."

"We should also ask Dima Tabachnik since he headed the Presidential Administration when Lazarenko assassination attempt happened," he added.

"They are asking the wrong people. They are accusing the wrong people. Tymoshenko and Lazarenko definitely did not organize this murder, they were not the contractors. The contractors, organizers, and executioners were the people who are in power now, who received the biggest dividends from taking out the old Donbass establishment. The new 'scrubs' came from that. And if the old establishment was not destroyed than these 'thistle scrubs' (weeds) would not rule our country today. And Kuchma raised them. He was the main breeder who raised the Donbass 'thistles' whose wild bushes have occupied all Ukraine," concluded Soskin.

Answering the question about the Melnychenko's goals in making such statements, Soskin noted: "Poor guy is pressured. He was told that he is looking forward to a hard future and that's why he needs to get involved in the process and do his part in destroying Tymoshenko. And the people behind him have probably told him that this needs to be done to stay alive. The same way as they told Shcherban's son - point at Yulia. This is the regime's agony. You do not need to be a great scholar of political history to know that clan-corporate groups are being formed in the country and the level of fighting is so high that it reaches agony. After that the regime will start decaying and there will be serious open clashes."

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