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 Gongadze's Mother Believes He is Alive: I Received Three Letters from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Lesia Gongadze told the press about an important document that disproves the myth that her son was a mercenary and a terrorist as well as about the letters from Giya.

Georgiy's mother Lesia Gongadze still does not believe that the found body is her son's. "I will get to the truth," she said in an interview to Segodnia. She also added that she recently came back from Georgia with a very important document that disproves the myth from the beginning of the 1990s that her son was a mercenary and a terrorist.

"The document confirm that he was in Suhumi as a journalist and not a mercenary. For my family it is very important," said his mother. "And two years ago I received three letters from Georgiy from Dnipropetrovsk oblast. It was 100% his handwriting, his writing style. One of them was a greeting card on Easter. In the end it said not to show it to anyone or it will only get worse."

However, all conducted examinations have confirmed that the found skull belongs to Georgiy.

Yesterday, September 16, marked the 12th anniversary of journalist Georgiy Gongadze's disappearance but the end of the case is not in sight. The case of the fourth accused (three are already serving time) former head of police surveillance department Oleksii Pukach has been in court for a year and a half. The next hearing is on September 21. The court hearings have been held behind closed doors since the beginning. "I filed a motion to question 11 additional witnesses but the court has not given an answer yet," said the lawyer Valentina Telichenko.

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