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 Kuchma Accuses 'Crazy' Yushchenko of High Gas Prices

Second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma accused third President Viktor Yushchenko in the increase of prices for the Russian gas.

"The instigator of all this was Viktor Yushchenko, 100%," hesaid during the Yalta European Strategy Forum on Saturday.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, the ex-President said: "In 2005the Russian President came to Yushchenko to get acquainted. Theywent to his dacha, he (Yushchenko) showed him around and said:let's terminate this agreement between Ukraine and Russia with theprice set at 50 dollars."

Kuchma claims that the next day Putin called him and asked whyYushchenko insisted on terminating the contract. "And I showed himthat Yushchenko was crazy," said the ex-President (making a 'crazy'sign).

"That is when we gave up 50 dollars and now we are up to 500. And Isincerely congratulate everyone with it," said Kuchma.

He also criticized the current authorities for overly roughfinancial policy. "You squeezed the economy so hard that there isno air to breathe. The EU is planning to print money, to buy outthe debts of all problematic countries. And we are happy that wehave deflation," fumed Kuchma. "We have collected numerous loansfor the Euro-2012. We hosted it so badly that not a single investorcame. They did not trust us."

Kuchma also appealed to the candidates not to promise too muchbefore the elections. "I remember 2004 - everybody promised heapsof gold. Stop now, for God's sake," concluded the 2ndPresident.

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