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 Russia Offers Cheap Gas in Exchange for the Customs Union

If Ukraine wants lucrative conditions for gas supply based on political partnership, it should think about the possibility of joining the Customs Union.

During the 9th Yalta meeting the Vice Head of the Russian government Arkadiy Dvorkovich noted that high gas prices for Ukraine are formed by the market. "We have political or market partnership. Let's choose... If it's market, then there is always price discrimination. If Ukraine wants lucrative relations with Russia may be it needs to join the Customs Union," said Dvorkovich.

According to him, Gazprom is an independent company and the government does not interfere with its work even though it (the Russian government) is sometimes asked to do that, particularly by the Ukrainian government. Lowering the prices will mean losses for Gazprom that will be compensated by other profits in case of the Customs Union.

At the same time, former head of the US Sate Department Condoleezza Rice expressed doubts as to Gazprom's independence. She reminded that during the last gas crisis it was the Russian President, not the head of Gazprom who announced the suspension of gas supply. "It was the case when we saw how aggressively the price is determined by the market or politics," emphasized Rice.

"It is hard for us to believe that Gazprom is an independent company. It is the same fable as independent courts in Ukraine," noted in his turn former Polish President Alexander Kwasnewski.

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