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 Kiev Police Detained and Beat Up Activists with Leaflets Against the Regions Candidate (updated)

The police beat up and detained activists of Vidsich public association for distributing leaflets against the Party of Regions candidate Maksym Lutskiy in Solomenskiy district of Kiev.

Activist Kateryna Chepura informed the Ukrainian Pravda that she was beat up, her things ripped and detained with the use of force.

During the handing out of leaflets the activists were asked for their IDs twice and later detained.

The law enforcement officers explain their actions by saying that the activists needed to file for holding the event.

According to another activist Oleksandr Ivanov, the police also used force against the journalists present at the event.

Last Sunday the activists were attacked by the representatives of the ruling party.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n217535