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 Tymoshenko Says that She is Exposed to Radiation: Such Order Could Only Come from Yanukovych. VIDEO

The ward of the opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was searched today.

At the briefing near the Kharkov hospital her lawyer Oleksandr Plahotniuk told the press that two radiation meters were found in her possession and confiscated. Yulia Tymoshenko has appealed to the head of the Kachanovskaia colony Ivan Pervushkin regarding the search. According to her lawyer, there are no provision or regulations that prohibit such equipment. "A question arises: what are they afraid? Why confiscate them? They are not radio transmitters or sound recorders. This equipment can only measure the radiation levels," noted her lawyer.

Tymoshenko also issued a statement:

"Today, September 13, 2012, in the ward where I temporarily reside a full search was conducted, keeping the best traditions of 1937 (Stalin's repressions). I am confident that the search was conducted for one reason: to confiscate the two radiation meters (one main and one checking) which allowed me to regularly and independently control the radiation level in the places where I was.

During these checks the radiation meter has shown 4 times substantially exceeding levels which is recorded by the devices. I was planning to pass these meters to my defence for making the information public.

Today, during the search, they intentionally confiscated both pieces of equipment. I am confident that the search was organized for confiscation at the direct order of Yanukovych because he is the one who can influence my health and my life by special means. And the confiscation of radiation meters the posession of which was known to the colony administration is another testament to the fact.

I do not trust any official measurements that will be conducted by the authorities regarding the radiation levels and other harmful influences on my health. I demand to allow my defense to pass me new meters since the old ones have already been to the hands of the SBU and will not be proper for unbiased measurements that can be trusted.

I believe that the confiscation of radiation meters of which I myself have informed the colony representatives that conducted the search is illegal and is done at the order of the Yanukovych Administration to take away my right for independent control of the radiation levels.

Yulia Tymoshenko"

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