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 The Regions are Delivering Thousands of Voters to Kiev, Says Shkiriak

Leader of New Kiev Civil Association and representative of the United opposition Zorian Shkiriak noted stated that the main type of scam that will be used by the ruling party will be the deployment of the so-called voters.

According to his press service, he stated: "Absolute infantilism and indifference of the regime's candidates in the capital means that they are preparing for mass fraud. One of the main technologies will be mass devlivery of the so-called voters from all over Ukraine to Kiev".

The situation can be oberved in all districts of Kiev. The situation in election district #222 is simply outrageous. Regions candidate Maksym Lutskyi, factual master of the National Aviation University, plans to deploy voting students and teachers from the unversity's branches in other regions of Ukraine. The information was already published on September 12, 2012. The task is simple - come to Kiev and vote for the required plurality candidate.

"We have already appealed to the Ukrainian Voters Committee as well as civil network Opora (Support) who monitor the election process," said Shkiriak.

He emphasized that the single opposition team in Kiev will control this situation and suppress any illegal actions of the regime representatives.

"We know what is happening and what is being planned in their headquarter and that is why our reaction to any illegal actions will be prompt and the people will know about it," ascertained the politician.

Moreover, he informed that the opposition has prepared an appeal to the Costitutional Court regarding changes in the current legislation.

"I am talking about article 7 pat 3 of the law of Ukraine 'On State Register of Voters'. The main argument of the opposition is the provision that would prohibit citizens to vote for a plurality candidate or for the party list in other regions of Ukraine without sufficient reason. Because now the reasons can be various - mother-in-law's birthday, a trip to museum or sightseeing and this negates the voting right system," said Shkiriak.

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