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 This Regime is Supefast in Thievery: $57 Billion Transferred to Offshore Accounts in 2.5 Years, Kuzhel

In the past 2.5 years 57 billion dollars were transferred to offshore accounts from Ukraine compared to 179 billion in over 20 years of Independence.

The numbers were announced by one of the opposition leaders Oleksandra Kuzhel during a meeting with Kharkov businessmen.

The politician noted that in July the budget deficit constituted 18 billion UAH (2.25 billion USD). "At that they tell us that they increased the budget by 154 billion. Can you imagine the amounts they are stealing if they cannot even the numbers out. They can't help it... These Hyundais, these kickbacks for the roads, for example Kharkov-Kiev highway - you could build new roads all over Europe (for these funds)," noted Kuzhel saying that the cost of building 1 km (1.6 mile) of the road is 3-9 times more expensive than in Europe.

"We bought the medicine against tuberculosis - Europe started shouting two days after the tender - at the price 3 times higher than in Europe. The minimum pension, salary in Ukraine is 1,100 hryvnias (137.5 USD) a month and the President's day costs 4 million (500 thousand USD)," pointed Kuzhel.

According to Kuzhel, if the opposition does not receive a majority in Verkhovna Rada the situation will turn even worse.

"When somebody talks about 2015 I say it does not matter. There will be nothing, we will worry about different things, we'll be bringing pogeys to prison... This banditism is spreading at such speed that we cannot stop it. But we shall not be afraid of them - if you only knw how they are afraid of us. We have to win: mobilize all your friends, relatives, neighbors," said Kuzhel.

At the press conference she also introduced a plurality district candidate fron the opposition Oleksandr Kirsh.

Talking about him Kuzhel noted that she has known him for over 10 years and they have argued a lot with him but it was always a debate regarding ways to make people's lives better.

She pointed out that the parliament needs Kirsh much more than Kirsh needs the parliament.

"Oleksandr Kirsh can be a good deputy, he can write a bill that will represent the interests of the state, business and consumers. If he does not become a deputy - it will be a bad bill that will harm consumers or destroy businesses or rob the state. Sasha (short for Oleksandr) always had his own position - he always stood his ground but, same as me, he can admit his mistakes. The only person who does not make mistakes is the one who does nothing," noted Kuzhel.

In his turn Oleksanr Kirsh noted: "If we have someone like Kuzhel on our side of the barricade it means that we are on the right side. When things like this are happening in the country, it is unfair to promise to fix the toilets and roofs, Verkhovna Rada will not do that. We can start from every puddle or we can deal with it from the top: gather the parliament that will impeach the President and the whole pyramid of the regime will come tumbling down. Then we will have a new mayor despite the fact that this one (Party of Regions Hennadii Kernes) was allegedly elected by the people. Then all the puddles will dry up by themselves if we resolve all the matters from the top and not each one separately from the bottom."

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