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 Yanukovych Promised a Minister to Rip his Head Off After the Elections

Yesterday President Yanukovych held an all Ukrainian council on the development of the real sector of the economy.

During the meeting the head of state advoctaed for theimprovement of the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers andinstructed the government to develop a set of long-term programms.The event ended with rough address of Mr. Yanukovych to Minister ofEconomic Development and Trade Petro Poroshenko, reports KommersantUkraine.

The Minister asked Viktor Yanukovych to support the introduction ofutilization duty on imported cars as a response to the same dutyintroduced by Russia on September 1. "We now have a uniqueopportunity to protect the national machine manufacturers - justset a just utilization duty. We need to to adopt the draft as wellas pass the law. The draft was adopted a week ago but the importersare going to different institutions and write groundless notes andimpede the process. Mister President, I ask for your help", saidthe Minister.

What came next was unexpected:

"Something always hinders a bad dancer," said the President (ironicUkrainian saying that testicles always hinder a baddancer)

"Well... I wanted to... I am sorry...," stumbledPoroshenko.

"What are you telling here? Who are you telling it to? I will ripyour heads off, very soon, right after the elections," fumed thehead of state.

"Oh well, thank you. We will act without your help then," repliedthe Minister.

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