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 First Case of the Party of Regions Election Fraud is Officially Registered

BYuT deputy Serhii Pashynskii explained the situation regarding the district election commissions - it is the first official falsification of the Party of Regions.

In an interview to Censor.NET, Pashynskii said: "the problem is really serous. The Party of Regions which is betting on falsifications in the upcoming elections went the following way: over 40 parties,most of them never heard of previously, none of them having a single deputy in the smallest village council, and registered long time ago, have recieved their quote in the election commissions. And now the Party of Regions is taking their places and placing its own activists - they call off these anarchists and other socialists, communists and practically put their own people".

"You know, one of the 'anarchists' was asked about their leader, the head of oblast - they have no idea about it", said the politician with resent.

"That is, this is the first official case of elections fraud by the Party of Regions. It is officially registered in these elections. And this situation is everywhere in Ukraine in all district election commissions. The same situation...", summed up Pashynskii.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n217141