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 The National Bank Found the Ones Guilty in the Hryvnia's Drop. List of the "Lucky" Banks

The NBU announced the banks guilty in devaluation by trading the currency at a higher rate.

According to a source in the NBU, almost all refinancing loans were received by three state banks who also took part in speculative trades. However, the regulator did not impose any sanctions on them, reports Forbes.

"It would be unwise to impose sanctions on the state banks who practically work as the NBU branches", said a NBU official.

Eventually the market participants who set the highest quotes on cash dollar on September 5 were punished.

That day the rate reached 8.29-8.30 UAH/USD.

The regulator decided that these banks were the ones causing panic among population and they shall be punished.

The banks that were selling the dollar at a higher rate were, as a cautionary measure, were denied access to the Interbank currency exchange. "They will not be able to access the open market to buy currency for one month", said a source in the National Bank.

The market participants immediately rolled their limits on the outlaw banks. The National Bank does not divulge either the names of the refinancing recipients or the banks that were punished.

Forbes claims that the lucky list comprises the Agricole Bank, the Platinum Bank, the National Investments Bank, the Premium Bank, and the Region Bank.

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