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 Russia Places a Stake on its People in the Regions, Korolevska, and some Plurality Candidates

Politology professor of Kyiv Mohyla Academy Oleksiy Haran reveals Russia's stakes in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

"First of all, Russia stakes on its people in the Party of Regions. At that it should be noted that the relations between Yanukovych and Moscow are rather complicated now. Nevertheless the main stake will be placed on the various lobby groups within the Regions", said Oleksiy Haran in a commentary for Censor.NET.

"At that I think Russia will not want all the eggs in one basket. Many analysts agree that this refers to Natalia Korolevska's party Ukraine Ahead, whose financing may partially come through Russian channels. But again, this is an assumption since there is no direct proof. It is common knowledge that her brother works in Russian official bodies. I also think that some plurality candidates will be involved in the same process. That is, Russia will use lobbying and corruption methods even if these people are not directly declaring their relations with Russian interest", said the expert.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n217058