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 Secretary General of the Council of Europe: There Should not Have Been a Tymoshenko Case at all

The Council of Europe's Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland thinks that there should not have been a court hearing of the Tymoshenko's case.

In an interview to Tyzhden he said, "Recently Ukraine has adopted a new Criminal Procedure Code where most of our recommendations were taken into consideration. It means that productive dialogue is possible".

"At the same time I am sorry that the mentioned articles are still present in the Ukrainian Criminal Code. These two articles were the ones that allowed for imprisonment of Tymoshenko who was convicted as the result of a political decision", he added.

"In my opinion there should not have been a hearing at all. We talk about political responsibility for signing the gas agreement with Russia", said Jagland.

He stressed that he clearly understands different positions in regard to the consequences of this agreement. "But those who consider the agreement unacceptable should discuss this matter in the parliament and not take the former Prime Minister to court".

"We need to remember the conditions under which Mrs. Tymoshenko had to sign the international document. She was under gargantuan pressure. The Russians were threatening to stop the gas supply to Europe", reminded the Secretary General.

"A great opportunity was lost. The Ukrainian people could have been given the opportunity to show how they feel about Tymoshenko in the course of elections. Regretfully, the Central Election Commission decided otherwise. Two articles that we refer to have allowed the regime to resort to actions that should not have take place at all", explained the official.

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