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 The Regions are Panicking: They Increased their Advertisement Four Times

During last week the Party of Regions has increased the amount of their advertisement by four times.

In his Lviv pressconference opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk said: "This is ahard political battle. I talk to many people with vast politicalexperience, much larger than mine, and they all say: it feels likethe worst elections in the past 20 years. And there are many thingsthat can be mentioned here. Starting from the disappointmentregarding Maidan (the Orange Revolution) and ending with tremendouspressure. Yesterday we were in the town of Busk where the electioncommission is refusing to vote for the estimate. And the majorityin the commission belongs to the Party of Regions", said Yatsenyuknoting that the Kiev court hearings in this regard have taken 5hours.

He stated thataccording to the polls, the United opposition is winning. "OnMonday they started panicking. They increased their advertisementby 4 times. And during two political shows they announced the pollsshowing their alleged victory. They realize that democraticelections will be their downfall", saidYatsenyuk.

He announced that theParty of Regions will be "buying independent plurality deputies"who are now helping their constituents and then will be standing inline at Bankovaia (PresidentialAdministration).

Regarding theplurality candidates from other forces, the leader of theopposition noted that they "took too much money from our opponentsand undertook too many responsibilities". He also noted that theregime will employ the basic fraud technology - stretching theelectorate field.

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