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 A Month for a Ukrainian is 1,002 Hryvnias. One Day for Yanukovych is 4 Million, - Yatsenyuk

Is it fair that the subsistence level a month is 1,002 hryvnias and the expenses related to the President are 4 million hryvnias per day?

The question was asked by the United opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the debates in the ring of Big Politics, reports Censor.NET.

The politician noted that instead of talking about the language law it is more important to talk about social injustice, the rate of unemployment - about the fact that "every tenth Ukrainian has no job, that 25 % of college graduates are unemployed".

"You need to tell the truth: the language law was passed before the elections - it was the only reason for it", stressed Yatsenyuk.

In his turn the Vice Prime Minster and Deputy Chairman of the Party of Regions Sergiy Tigipko noted that the expenses for the deputies are not that small either. And that when we talk about the languages we touch the global matter of human rights.

"There is no law that would prohibit the Ukrainian language - nobody prohibited it. On the contrary, we wanted to make sure that small peoples living in Ukraine would feel comfortable. We have to make sure that they can keep their cultural heritage".

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