Yanukovych's Son is Going to Buy Mines for 1 Hryvnia Each

Business Group owned by Oleksandr Yanukovych has acquired almost 7 billion dollars in government tenders in coal field in less than a year taking the lead among its competitors.

ZN.UA cites tender and state purchase expert OleksandrShalaiskii: "The coal map of Ukraine is changing rapidly. Thereused to be tens of coal generals (who acquired state funds)and marshal Akhmetov (the owner of the most productivemines). And now the first place is taken by a new powerful player -the President's elder son Oleksandr. And his rank will be clearnext year. There is a suspicion that he will try on thefield-marshal's straps".

Particularly, in the tender market of mining equipment for stateminers you can see ten active companies united by the Family brand(Presidential Family).

"The future of the sphere is clear. The above mentioned winnersof state mine tenders have received contracts for 6.9 billiondollars in less than a year. During the past couple of weeks thesecompanies have been winning 80-90% of all mining tenders. And thereis privatization ahead for which a set of companies with"investment" names is prepared", writes Shalaiskii.

"Donbass Financial Analysis Center (DFAC) is doing surprisinglygreat with tenders. In 9 months of the current year they sold over6 billion dollars in commodities to state mines. For comparisonlook at other financial groups: Ivanyuschenko - 2 billion, Efremov- 1.4 billion, Akhmetov - 1.2 billion. And their share is rapidlydecreasing", says the article

The situation with coal is also not bad: in just a year and ahalf the DFAC sold 1.5 billion hryvnias of black gold andits satellites made another couple of hundred million on enrichingcoal.

"The more the better: the President's elder son aims atprivatizing the mines at the price of 1 hryvnia. The process willcommence after the elections to make sure that the voters are notdiscouraged", writes the expert.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n216888