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 The Hungarian Language Became Regional in One of Zakarpattia Cities

Berehove City Council (Zakarpattia oblast) voted to grant the Hungarian language the status of the regional one in the territory of the city.

Ukrinform reports that Ishtvan Haidosh, the city mayor announcedthat "26 out of 36 deputies of the Berehove City Council voted ayefor granting the Hungarian language the regional status in thecity".

In accordance with the adopted decision, from now on the forms,stamps and seals of the Berehove City Council will be in Ukrainianand regional Hungarian alongside.

"From now on, alongside the official language there will bewritings in Hungarian on sign posts, notice boards, visualadvertisement boards in the territory of the city. As to theknowledge of Ukrainian and Hungarian, this criteria will beconsidered in staffing and hiring to the government andself-governing bodies", added the mayor.

The population of the Berehove city constitutes 25.5 thousandpeople with 12.8 thousand being Hungarians.

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