Ukrainian Politics

 Yanukovych is Ready to Strangle Anyone Who Stands in His Way, - Canadian Press

Tendencies inherent to Russian politics are growing in Ukraine.

Imagine a country with Russian politics and Greek economics, andyou might have something close to the current state of Ukraine,writes The Globe and Male.

In the paper's opinion, there are more and more " echoes ofVladimir Putin's Russia. And like his ally in Moscow, Mr.Yanukovych seems willing to stifle anyone who gets in his way.Government prosecutors have filed baffling tax-fraud chargesagainst TVi, the country's only critical broadcaster - for failingto file for a value-added-tax rebate. To make matters worse,Ukraine's largest cable operator bumped TVi to its premium packagethis week, pretty much ensuring it will be irrelevant to themasses".

The newspaper notes that the problems with freedom of speech wereclearly shown by the 'Stop Censorship' protest during the WorldNewspaper Congress in Kiev.

"In the spirit of hitting them where it hurts, the InternationalMonetary Fund has indicated it won't be there to bail out thespendthrift regime, thus forcing Kiev's hand to devalue itscurrency and accept the resulting wrath of inflation. Anyfavourable IMF loans shouldn't come without a cleanelection"

The Canadian journalist notes that Ukraine is in a complicatedsituation. " If the observers give Ukraine a yellow card, Mr.Yanukovych could ignore the judgment and draw more support fromboth Russia (hungry for gas pipelines) and China (hungry forfarmland)".

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