The Regime Made Another Step to Robbing the Farmers, - Opposition

The United opposition is criticizing the law on creating the land bank.

According to the Batkivschyna press service, "on the night ofSeptember 6, the Regions majority in the parliament has passed thelaw on creating the land bank, thus making another shameful step torobbing the Ukrainian farmers, to paving the way for oligarchs tobuy the fertile black earth for peanuts.

President Yanukovych and the Party of Regions have been pushingthis plan for years. The plan according to which the Ukrainianrural community will be put on the brink of extinction. The planaccording to which the local and foreign oligarchs will get anopportunity to deceive Ukrainian farmers and buy the fertile landsfor peanuts. The land that in reality cost 20 thousand euros perhectare.

The so-called land reform is in reality a large-scale scam of theregime which is in essence similar to the mass privatization of the90's will lead to the degradation and decline of the Ukrainianrural area, mass immigration and abandoned villages.

This pseudo reform threatens massive social outbreak since the landmatter has always been the spark that led to peasant rebellions inthe history of Ukraine.

The United opposition is against such land reform in accordancewith the Regions scenario. After creating a democratic majority inVerkhovna Rada of the next calling this deal of Yanukovych and theParty of Regions directed at destroying the Ukrainian farmers willbe annulled. We support the prolongation of the moratorium on thesale of agricultural lands - the Ukrainian farmer has to be thereal master of his own land", says the statement.

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