Ukrainian Politics

 Yushchenko has Lost his Honor, Dignity and Сonscience. He is Now Working for the Regime, Says Political Expert

Former President Viktor Yushchenko is acting in the interest of the authorities in this election campaign.

In an interview to Glavred, BYuT deputy Volodymyr Bondarenko said: "Yushchenko has exclusively technical functions. I heard that the official stamp of his party is on Bankova (Presidential Administration). Yushchenko will now contest the right of his Rada fraction Our Ukraine to be represented in the district (election) commissions. His so-called Our Ukraine has people that will definitely play in favor of the Party of Regions".

"He (Yushchenko) did it in the Presidential elections and he is actively campaigning against the United opposition today. This is a person who has long ago lost his honor, dignity and conscience and he is working for the power that he is allegedly fighting against", noted Bondarenko.

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