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 Rada Voted to Allow the Sale of Land: at Night, in Secret, with Procedure Violations

Verkhovna Rada passed the law on creating the bank of land.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, 242 deputies voted aye (226 required). The decision was voted at 21:47. Bill #143 "On Introducing Amendments to Certain Legislation Acts of Ukraine in Regard to Delimitation of the Lands of Government and Public Property" practically creates premises for the functioning of the land market.

BYuT deputy Sergii Sas warned the Vice Speaker Adam Martyniuk that the document cannot be discussed on Thursday. "In the morning the Parliament has cancelled the passing of the law on the whole and now we have it again. This is a violation. You can only go back to the matter the next day", noted Sas.

During the discussion of the bill the deputies failed the voting of almost all 150 amendments to the document.

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