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 Rada Session: Deputies Curtsying to Yanukovych. PHOTOS

The deputies held the second session day in Verkhovna Rada.

The journalists witnessed a line to Yanukovych Jr. in accordance to seniority. Leading the delegation was Communist leader Petro Simonenko followed by the Party of Regions fraction leader Alexandr Efremov, reports Censor.NET correspondent.

Numerous deputies came to curtsy to Yanukovych.

The deputies wonder where it is better to live (headline in the newspaper)

Arseniy Yatsenyuk talks about the future collapse

Mykola Tomenko is a Vice Speaker but took his regular seat. He stated that he does not want to sit near speaker Lytvyn or Vice Speaker Martynyuk even though the majority did not vote for his resignation.

Judging by the expression on Chechetov's face he is doing fine.

Below there is a perfect example of fair voting by the fraction leader Alexander Efremov.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p216675
Source: Photo by Natalia Sharomova, Censor.NET