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 Monday Marks the Beginning of the End for Ukraine. Azarov Admitted that Everything is Very Bad, Says Yatsenyuk

Thursday's session of the Parliament has turned into clamor over possible slump of the Ukrainian currency.

According to the New Region - Kiev Agency, the discussion was caused by a small hike of the US dollar on Monday and Tuesday.

The opposition stated that according to the information they have the slump of hryvnia is beginning.

"The stability from the Party of Regions is beginning to settle in. Prime Minister Azarov in the closed part of the Cabinet meeting said, "Things are going not just bad, but really bad". The government is hiding the facts from the people", said opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk who previously headed the National Bank.

"Monday marked the beginning of the end for Ukraine... In reality there are only 15 billion dollars in reserves, but not 30 as the government claims. That is why we demand to call the Prime Minister here", shouted the deputy into the microphone.

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