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 The Rich will not Suffer. 80% of the Population will Suffer, Kuzhel about the Hryvnia Drop

Batkivschyna candidate Oleksandra Kuzhel thinks that the current situation with hryvnia is a well-organized scheme that will harm 80% of the population of Ukraine.

"I don't believe that the situation just suddenly occurredyesterday and that the National Bank was not prepared for it. Itreminds me of a scheme and a well-organized one at that. As far asI know the way the NBU operates, it always predicts situations likethis", said Kuzhel in an interview to Censor.NET.

"For the money market, for the finances any panic is like anavalanche which is hard to stop. That is why the situation occurredeither to show how they "can hold it" (the situation under control)or... well, it is hard to presume that they are completeidiots"

"We understood that it would happen by the end of the year. Butwhat is happening now is a provocation, I think. And you understandthat as the result of this the rich will not suffer. The people whoare paid in hryvnias will. 80% of people in this country",concluded Kuzhel.

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