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 Banks Introduce Limitations on Dollar Sales - No More Than $300 per Person

Ukrainian banks introduce limitations on the amount of the US dollars that can be bought by one person.

According to UNN, a head of the department of one of the largest banks said that "starting today we do not sell over $300 to one person. It is our own initiative but I know that similar restrictions have been enacted in other banks too. Further steps will depend on the corresponding decrees of the National Bank".

The restrictions were introduced as a reaction to the yesterday's drop of hryvnia in the Interbank Foreign Exchange.

The banker also noted that the past 24-hours have witnessed panic among the clients which may lead to animation of the 'black' currency exchange market. However, these restrictions were not introduced by all Ukrainian banks.

It should be noted that bankers think that the National Bank would do well to get involved into the situation soon, otherwise it can get out of control and cause panic among population. "People are already emptying the exchange points to make a dollar reserve. If the demand grows, a limit on cash dollar sales will have to be introduced", said a treasurer of one of the largest banks.

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