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 After the Dollar Hike Gas Prices Follow Suit

Today the prices of all types of petroleum products in OKKO and WOG gas station chains grew by 9-11 kopecks per liter (around 5 cents per gallon) depending on the type of fuel.

According to OilNews, this can be seen in the price monitoring of ConsultingGroup AI-95.

The only exception was the diesel fuel in Zakarpattia oblastwhere it grew by one kopeck only (0.5 cent per gallon) while theprice for other types of fuel grew the same as in otherregions.

It shall be noted that the total number of gas stations in twochains is around 750 which accounts for 11% of the Ukrainian retailmarket.

Among the key factors for the price growth, the experts name thegrowing appreciation of the oil and oil products in the externalmarkets. Particularly, the price of A-95 (close to Premium by theUS standards) grew by $93 per ton (9.1%) in August - up to $1,113/tand the diesel fuel grew by $96 per ton (10.3%) up to$1,024/t.

Moreover, the hryvnia devaluation is exerting increasingpressure on he prices.

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