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 In the Next 2 Months the Dollar Will Cost 9 Hryvnias and Will Rapidly Hike After Elections

BYuT deputy Andriy Pavlovskyy says that in the next couple of months the US dollar will go up to 9 UAH thus preparing the Ukrainians to the tumbling after the elections. The politician predicts that the dollar may rise as high as 12 hryvnias.

"The current hryvnia decline is just a start of the process. According to the National Bank experts right after the elections we will witness a tumbling of the national currency which is now being artificially kept up. And that maintenance was done for political reasons before the elections", said Pavlovskiy in a flash interview to Censor.NET.

"At the same time they need to equalize the balance in the world markets since Ukraine is an export oriented country. And we export mostly metals and chemicals. And it is good for exporters if the hryvnia drops - they receive more profit. And since these enterprises are owned by oligarchs close to Yanukovych - his main sponsors - Akhmetov, Firtash and others, the situation is profitable for them. And after the elections there will be no retraining factors.

There is an opinion that by the end of this year, beginning of the next the hryvnia will drop down to 12 UAH/USD. This situation is very profitable for the above mentioned enterprise owners but is completely unprofitable for regular Ukrainians. This will lead to proportionate price growth for all products and direct devaluation of wages, pensions and scholarships of the people. Their buying power will decrease by 30%", noted the politician. "You can already recommend the population to diversify their savings and keep part of it in euros, part in dollars, and a part in hryvnias for current expenditures".

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