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 3 Surveillance Cameras were Illegally Installed in Kharkov Hospital to Watch Tymoshenko

The Batkivschyna Party states that three video cameras were illegally installed on the 9th floor of the Ukrzaliznytsia Hospital in Kharkov where Tymoshenko is treated.

According to the Batkivschyna press-service, the party demands to stop systemic violations of Tymoshenko's right for privacy.

During the Kiev Administrative District Court hearing of Yulia Tymoshenko's lawsuit as to the legality of the actions of the State Penitentiary Service and the Ministry of Health, it turned out that only 3 out of 6 surveillance cameras belong to the Penitentiary Service.

The representatives of the Pen Service presented a layout to the court showing the security posts and the location of the surveillance cameras.

They admitted that only three cameras were installed by the State Penitentiary Service and that they do not have any information as to who the other three cameras belong to.

The Pen Service does not know who views the recordings from these cameras and where the recording end up.

It is interesting that the unknown cameras are located in the territory which is under the exclusive responsibility of the Service.

The employees of the Pen Service could not answer if there were any other illegally installed cameras on Tymoshenko's floor.

The Batkivschyna party demands for Yanukovych to cease violating Yulia Tymoshenko's right for privacy, stop other provocative actions in her regard, identify the names and posts of the perverts who peep on the leader of the opposition around the clock and to file criminal charges against the perpetrators.

If the cases are not opened and the guilty ones are not punished it will become another testament to the fact that the video is taped for the viewing pleasure of one person - Viktor Yanukovych. He must take pleasure in watching the sufferings of Tymoshenko who was unlawfully imprisoned because of his fear of losing power, thinks the opposition.

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