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 Cash Dollar Reaches 8,28 Hryvnias

On Tuesday, September 4, the US currency has hiked throughout Ukraine's cash market. But record greediness was displayed in Nikolaiev where dollar is bought at 8.18 and sold at 8.28 UAH.

Thus the Greenback in Nikolaiev rose by 5-8 kopecks in just one day, reports novosti-n.mk.ua.

The Interbank trading closed at 8.20. The average cash exchange rate grew to 8.17 UAH/USD.

The average price in Kiev grew up to 8.17 USD.

Online shops have also reacted to the growth - the cash prices were calculated at 8.19 UAH/USD.

Financial experts think that the weakening of the national currency this week was caused by negative population mood before the elections and the issuing of the Internal State Loan Bonds by the government. In its turn the National Bank explained the weakening by the expansion of the hryvnia's liquidity.

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