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 Emergency National Bank Council Meeting to Take Place Due to the Hryvnia Collapse

The situation in the currency exchange market and the dollar hike will be the subjects of tomorrow's meeting of the National Bank Council.

Glavkom is citinga member of NBU Council and Party of Regions deputy Vasyl Gorbal:"What are the reasons for today's dollar hike? I think we will havean answer from the NBU management tomorrow. The meeting of theNational Bank Council is scheduled for tomorrow. The government isalso worried about today's situation since there is no reason fordeviation from the forecasted exchange rate".

"The mostimportant is that this does not become a trend because thebusinesses will start including devaluation risks (in the price).And this slows down the economy and we have seen how sudden ratefluctuations influence the economy", concludedGorbal.

Hryvnia relapsed because the government was artificiallymaintaining its rate before the elections while not encouragingbank loans. And this has led to a currency imbalance in the bankmarket.

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